American Association of Petroleum Geologists selects Editorial Manager® and EM for Books

February 23, 2017 | North Andover, Massachusetts — Aries Systems proudly announces the latest Editorial Manager for Books adopter: The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

The AAPG is an international geological organization, with both books and journals publishing programs. The association has chosen Editorial Manager to power the submission and peer-review workflows for both portfolios. The journals have completed the transition to Editorial Manager, and the books will complete the transition in the next two months.

“AAPG is very pleased to be able to move its publications into the user-friendly article review process facilitated by Editorial Manager,” commented Beverly Molyneux, Technical Publications Managing and Commissioning Editor at AAPG.

“The determining factors for moving to Editorial Manager were the ease of drag-and-drop manuscript submissions, the deep links embedded into system e-mails, and the ability to transfer manuscript files- complete with metadata- to production once manuscripts have been accepted,” continued Molyneux.

“Previously, the AAPG journals and the books were on two different submission and review systems, and we anticipate a streamlining of workflow processes once both publication offerings are on the same system.”

“Aries is thrilled that the AAPG has adopted Editorial Manager,” commented Aries’ Client Development Manager Bob Donegan. “We are delighted with the opportunity to support both books and journals workflow.”

The AAPG’s journals include Bulletin and Environmental Geosciences. The association’s books include the series’ Memoirs, Studies in Geology, Archie, Hedberg, Methods in Exploration, and Special Publications. To date, more than 280 books have been published by AAPG.

Editorial Manager is in adoption by hundreds of publishers, including Springer Nature, Wiley-VCH, Taylor & Francis and the American Psychological Association.

EM for Books, released in 2016, has been adopted by Wolters Kluwer Health and The Geological Society of America in addition to AAPG.


About American Association for Petroleum Geologists |

The AAPG was founded in 1917 and is celebrating its Centennial Year. With the purpose of fostering scientific research, advancing the science of geology, promoting technology, and inspiring high professional conduct, AAPG is the world’s premier professional association for explorationists in the field of petroleum geology. With offices in Bogotá, Dubai, Lagos, London, Singapore, and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The AAPG has more than 32,000 members in 129 countries employed in the upstream energy industry.


About Aries |

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