Aries Systems Corporation Announces Integration with CrossCheck Plagiarism Detection Service

August 28, 2008, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation announced today that its Editorial Manager online manuscript submission and peer review system has been integrated with the CrossCheck plagiarism detection service. CrossCheck technology compares the content of documents against text stored in a growing database of published materials to identify possible instances of plagiarism. CrossCheck is powered by technology from iParadigms, LLC and content from contributing scholarly publishing members of the CrossRef organization.

The Editorial Manager online submission system is used by more than 2,900 scholarly journals and processes tens of thousand of manuscripts per month. Editors and reviewers frequently face the difficult task of assessing manuscript authenticity. Convenient access to CrossCheck from within Editorial Manager workflows adds a powerful tool to help improve editorial integrity. For example, an editor can upload a manuscript to CrossCheck and receive a report that indicates the percentage of text which matches previously published literature.

The initial deployment of CrossCheck within Editorial Manager is available now and is activated free of charge from Aries (CrossCheck fees from CrossRef and iParadigms will apply, however). Subsequent implementations will provide more extensive workflow integration options.

Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aries Systems Corporation, commented, “Aries has successfully integrated numerous third-party tools into Editorial Manager workflows, including image checking, reference checking, reference cleanup and smart links to bibliographic databases such as PubMed, Scopus and Google Scholar. The inclusion of access to the CrossCheck service in Editorial Manager workflows will address a frequent request from users that would like tools to assist with plagiarism detection.”

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