Scholarly Publishers Reach German Authors with Editorial Manager

July 29, 2008 | North Andover, MA –

Using the German version of Editorial Manager, leading publishers such as Georg Thieme Verlag, Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag and Hogrefe Verlag have successfully launched online manuscript submission and peer review services specifically tailored to German-speaking authors.

Germany is the world’s third largest source of scholarly manuscripts, and numerous publications focus on the needs of German readers. For this reason, Aries Systems Corporation developed a German language version of its leading online peer review system, Editorial Manager.

When internationalizing Web-based publishing workflow applications such as Editorial Manager, the first challenge is to support language-specific character sets, such as German diacritics. Full compatibility with the Unicode standard (ISO 10646), as provided by Editorial Manager, is essential. While most applications can be modified to display pseudospecial characters, only truly Unicode-compliant systems can store, search and retrieve specialized characters. Without this foundation technology, interface translation is of little value because users cannot access non-Roman and diacritic text characters in a standardized manner.

The second challenge is to appropriately translate colloquial publishing customs and practices. The translation of the Editorial Manager software has been facilitated by Aries Systems’ German office team, based in Langenfeld. Their localized understanding of German publishing culture and close relationship with local publishers ensures that the interface text is not just translated accurately but that it also communicates efficiently and clearly.

The success of this project is reflected in the quality of the publications that have already adopted the German version of Editorial Manager. To see this version in action, please visit any of the following journal submission sites online:

Roswitha Nottebaum, General Manager at Aries Germany, commented “Aries provides robust, multilingual publication workflow solutions. This includes Unicode compliance, translation of support documentation into languages such as German and Chinese, and partnerships with service companies that provide manuscript editing services. Configuration options that are uniquely available in Editorial Manager also make it possible to quickly add data fields for the purpose of storing locally relevant data elements such as multiple language versions of author names. The availability of a German version has made it a lot easier for publishers to get ‘buy in’ from local editors, staff and freelancers.”

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