Aries Systems and HighWire Press announce data partnership to deliver faster insights with Impact Vizor

Aries Systems and HighWire Press announce a data partnership to help publishers assess their manuscript pipeline, editorial policies, and strategic plans.

Publishers using Aries’ Editorial Manager® Enterprise Analytics Reporting tool now benefit from an automated data export to Impact Vizor, HighWire’s data visualization platform for editorial and business analytics. Aries has created a short video illustrating how simple it is to refresh article submission and decision data to Impact Vizor for the most up to date analysis.

“Predicting and evaluating article level impact is increasingly important to publishers. This data sharing partnership offers publishers new insight into the post-decision lives of articles using Impact Vizor,” said Alison O’Connell, Marketing Manager at Aries Systems.

The Rejected Article Tracker within Impact Vizor lets publishers compare article citation rates for published and rejected articles that are later published elsewhere. Publishers have used Impact Vizor to evaluate how well peer review practices help editors identify significant research. A publisher found that articles which require a higher level of effort during peer review can generate at least as many citations, and sometimes more, than the average cites per article for the publication.

“We are delighted to partner with Aries so that Editorial Manager can offer an easy and efficient way to update Impact Vizor, tailored to each publisher’s existing editorial workflows and data structures,” commented Dan Filby, CEO at HighWire

To see how Editorial Manager data can be shared with Impact Vizor, watch this short video overview:

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett, Vice President Global Marketing and EMEA Sales, HighWire Press

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