Maney Publishing Extends Contract with Editorial Manager

February 5, 2007, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation is pleased to announce the renewal and expansion of its contract with Maney Publishing for Editorial Manager. Under the agreement, a significant proportion of Maney’s academic journals will use Editorial Manager for online manuscript submission and peer review until 2010.

Founded in 1900, Maney is a leading independent publisher of academic journals and books (full list of publications is available at their homepage). Maney, which first adopted Editorial Manager in 2004, has added a number of technical, materials science and biomedical journals in recent years, such as Neurological Research and Journal of Orthodontics. Currently, 20 journals published by Maney, including Materials Science and Technology and Advances in Applied Ceramics are using the system, and more will launch EM sites throughout 2007.

A major consideration for Maney in this renewal was Aries’ responsiveness to user input when developing upgrades and new releases. For example, during annual user group meetings, users have the opportunity to share and discuss suggestions for product development. Mark Simon, Publishing Director, said, “This has given us confidence that the system will develop in ways that reflect our journal workflows.” As Maney has offices in the UK and US, Mark also cited Aries’ strong user support on both sides of the ocean.

Richard Wynne, Aries’ VP of Marketing and Sales added, “Maney Publishing have been an excellent customer to work with, and we are delighted that we have earned the opportunity to extend and grow the partnership. Our mutual goal is to deliver a distinctively superior peer review experience.”

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