Take Control of Peer Review Recognition with Editorial Manager® 15.0 and ORCID

Historically, scholarly journals have acknowledged the hard work of volunteer Peer Reviewers by listing their names in annual printed issues. However, the emergence of online publication and the ORCID system (Open Researcher and Contributor Identification) means that it is now possible for journals to unambiguously and dynamically recognize Peer Reviewers on the ORCID platform.

With Editorial Manager (Version 15.0), journals can trigger automatic deposit of peer review recognition to the ORCID platform. This capability is carefully configured based on article types and the data added to the record can be minimal for journals with “blind” or “double-blind” peer review workflows, or comprehensive for those with open reviews. To ensure GDPR compliance, reviewers must explicitly grant permission before their data are sent from the journal to ORCID, and they can opt to mark their review activities as public (visible to everyone), trusted parties (visible on request to ORCID members), or only me (completely private).

“Depositing directly from the journal to ORCID without an intermediary has many benefits,” commented Richard Wynne, VP of Sales and Marketing at Aries Systems. “Firstly, it means that the journal or publisher brand is fully recognized by name on ORCID. Secondly, journals can exercise a high degree of control over how and when the data are transferred. For example, journals can choose to only recognize Reviewers if the submitted review surpasses a minimum quality level. This solution allows journals to take control of their own peer review recognition.”

Alice Meadows of ORCID added, “The Editorial Manager integration is a good example of how the ORCID 2.X API can be used to recognize researchers’ peer review activities. We encourage the thousands of journals using Editorial Manager to activate this functionality.”

To see a video on ORCID Reviewer Recognition, please visit https://www.ariessys.com/orcid-reviewer-recognition/.

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