Core Functionality

Editorial offices often need to assign and complete tasks associated with submissions while they are still in the editorial process and have not yet moved to production.

Task Manager works seamlessly with Editorial Manager to enable editorial task workflows for EM users, regardless of access to ProduXion Manager or other production tracking services.

Users of Task Manager can–for the first time ever–assign and track important editorial tasks prior to production and at any time in the Editorial Workflow, without access to a production tracking system. Tasks can be completed in parallel and can be assigned only as relevant. Examples of editorial tasks include:

  • Language edits
  • Artwork quality check
  • Copyright check
  • Conflict of interest deposit
  • Preprint server deposit


Users of Task Manager benefit from: 

  • Use of task functionality early in the workflow, without initiating production
  • Differentiation of production tasks and editorial tasks, to provide clarity and organization to both editorial and production teams
  • Automatic task assignment based on configured workflow events
  • Automated workflows: follow-on tasks begin once previous tasks have been completed
  • Automated and manual task completion reminders based on task due dates
  • Highly configurable and editable task details and sequence

Finally, an easy, straightforward way to add tasks to your editorial workflow! Contact us today to get started with Task Manager.