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The latest video releases on Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager functionality.

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Editorial Manager

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ProduXion Manager

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Decision Support Tools

Editorial Manager offers numerous Decision Support Tools for journal office staff.


Third-party integrations and tools such as APC processing, CRediT, Ringgold, ORCID, and more.

ORCID Integration

ORCID integrations including single-sign on, ORCID Peer Review Deposit, and more.

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Enterprise Analytics Reporting

Learn about Editorial Manager’s reporting suite EAR.

Finding and Managing Reviewers

Videos on the Reviewer experience in EM, plus tips for finding and assigning Reviewers.

Guiding Authors

Tips and tricks for Authors using EM and PM.

Xtract and UI Enhancements

Learn more about automated metadata extraction with Xtract and other UI enhancements.

Industry Standards

See how EM and PM integrate with industry standards such as DOI, Ringgold, CRediT, ORCID, and more.

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EM for Books

Explore EM for Books functionality and terminology.

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