ORCID Reviewer Recognition

Journals can conveniently acknowledge Reviewers for their peer review contributions by depositing review activity from EM into a researcher’s ORCID record.

Manuscript Submission with Xtract

Authors can easily upload a manuscript and additional files within Editorial Manager. EM’s Xtract feature automatically extracts key metadata and pre-populates fields in the system.

Soliciting Commentary

Editors may invite Authors to submit commentary that will be published along with their original (and perhaps controversial) manuscript. Special view permissions can be granted to Authors to prepare and submit commentary.

Configuring Submission Items by Article Type

In Editorial Manager, publications decide which article types are available for authors to choose from, what submission items are associated with each, and which are required. These configuration options remain available so that updates can be made on the fly.

Automated Reviewer Reminders

Reviewer reminders have been linked to responsiveness, and thus are one of the many tools journals can configure in Editorial Manager to drive continuous improvement and streamline peer review.

Co-Author Management

Publications can decide how much contact they want to have with co-authors, and whether or not they require co-author verification prior to submission. This can be configured by article type.

Exporting Data for Publons Reviewer Recognition Service

Recognition for reviewers is becoming increasingly critical in the scholarly publishing community. This video highlights how to create a standard report in Editorial Manager to automatically extract and send data to third party Reviewer Recognition services.

Uploading Supplemental Data from Repositories

Editorial Manager empowers authors to submit all supporting materials to journals along with their manuscripts. This means that links to data stored on institutional repositories or on sites like Figshare and Dryad can be included in submission, and built right in to the PDF seen by the journal office, and ultimately, reviewers.

PDF Watermarks

Journal office can now brand the author/editor and reviewer PDFs within Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager. It only takes a few clicks to upload a relevant logo, and apply it to a cover page of a PDF, and the same is true for interior pages. Add “Confidential” or other watermarks to read across text pages,Read More

Author Contributor Roles via CRediT Taxonomy

Editorial Manager’s integration with the CRediT taxonomy allows Authors to classify levels of contribution and participation for each corresponding Author on a particular manuscript.