Alyssa M. Taylor, Managing Editor APSR, on EEMUG 2019

The 15th Annual European Editorial Manager User Group is quickly approaching! We asked frequent attendee Alyssa M. Taylor, Managing Editor of the American Political Science Review (APSR) a few questions about the meeting. Read her responses to learn more about Aries User Group Meetings and see her advice for first-time attendees. View the EEMUG agenda or register today!

Q: Why is attending User Group Meetings important to you and/or your organization?

A: It’s rather two-fold. As an editor of a journal that’s published by Cambridge University Press, I use the opportunity to talk to the present Cambridge UP team about things going on specifically with our journal’s EM website. But I also use it as an opportunity to learn more in depth about EM’s current and future functionality, so that I can turn around and implement that in our setup where applicable.  

Q: What’s your favorite part of EEMUG?

A: Feature Workshop for sure. It’s a massive group brainstorming session, where everyone talks about functionality they’d love to see in a future EM, or find out that there are already work-arounds to solve those problems at least in the interim until a full function comes out. I really enjoy the chance to hear what issues others are having, because chances are someone on my team has those same issues and I can go back and help my team resolve them. While my ideas haven’t come to fruition yet, two of my ideas have made it onto the EMUG posters, so it is simply great to feel like your ideas and concerns are heard by Aries.

Q: Which EEMUG session are you most looking forward to this year?

A: I am most excited to find out what is coming next in EM, but there are some of the smaller sessions that I am still excited to take part in. As a journal editor, I’ve felt sometimes the sessions are geared more towards the administration of EM, and this year’s agenda looks like there is more for the publishing profession in general. The other sessions I’m excited for include the ORCID Update and Transparent & Open Peer Review. Now to decide whether I will attend the session on Decision Support Tools or the session on Tasks!

Q: What advice do you have for first-time attendees?

A: It’s really important to come prepared with even a small list of things that you’d like to see or maybe some things you’re not sure how to do in EM. The more you prepare beforehand, the more the Aries team can help you. Also, as daunting as it is, ask questions because no question or desired functionality is stupid! There is always at least one other person who wants to have an answer for that same problem. Basically, if you invest your time and energy, you will get so much out of this two-day conference. Also, do not skip or make plans during the networking hour­–not only is it fun, but you get to find out how awesome the Aries team is!

Many thanks to Alyssa for speaking with us about EEMUG. Join us in London for EEMUG on January 17-18, 2019.