Aries Celebrates Peer Review Week

The fourth annual Peer Review Week will run from September 10-15th. This year the event’s focus is Diversity and Inclusion in Peer Review. To celebrate Peer Review Week, we’ve curated a list of our favorite Editorial Manager tools and integrations that support peer review by ensuring that all participants in the peer review process receive recognition for their efforts in an unbiased way–disambiguating Author, Reviewer, and Editor contributions on a granular level.

Use ORCID to verify your peer review identity and keep track of your contributions:

Registering and using your ORCID iD during peer review will ensure that you receive the recognition you deserve for your work. Editorial Manager users throughout the peer review process can choose to use ORCID in a way that best fits their individual workflows.

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Obtain credit for your review activity with ORCID Reviewer Recognition:

Each year, researchers volunteer millions of hours to undertake peer review for scholarly journals. Historically, these contributions have remained anonymous and unrewarded. ORCID Reviewer Recognition provides a visible and verifiable way for journals to publicly credit reviewers, without compromising the confidentiality of the peer review process.

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Identify granular levels of Author contribution with CRediT:

The Contributor Roles Taxonomy (CRediT) identifies levels of author contribution using a series of predefined roles, allowing research funders and authors to consistently identify contributor roles in a way that reflects modern levels of research contribution. CRediT is integrated into Editorial Manager so journals can request or require contributor roles as part of submission–and authors can be given credit for even the most nuanced contributions.

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Aries is committed to providing tools that support the peer review ecosystem. Said Jennifer Fleet, COO of Aries Systems, “As a female COO of a technology company in the scholarly publishing space, I am personally aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion in our community. A variety of voices are critical to driving innovation. At Aries, we recognize that all contributions to the publishing process are vital and need to be recognized as such. As a result, we’ve developed tools to more comprehensively recognize the gamut of contributors in the peer review and greater publishing processes. As our products continue to grow, we will look for ways to further encourage greater collaboration, accessibility, and opportunity to highlight the increasingly unique voices and contributions within the scholarly community.”

For more on Peer Review Week, visit and follow @PeerRevWeek on Twitter.