Aries Systems’ Editorial Manager the Latest Inducted into ORCID’s Certified Service Provider Program

ORCID – the Open Research and Contributor ID – enables transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributors, and their affiliations by providing a unique, persistent digital identifier and a corresponding record for individuals to use as they engage in research, scholarship, and innovation. After over a decade, Aries Systems’ long-standing partnership with ORCID hasRead More

Strengthening Scholarly Metadata with Persistent Identifiers

The scholarly publishing ecosystem consists of many different dimensions, including people, organizations/societies, publications, and the resources directly involved in the making of research. With so many elements in play, it is difficult to disambiguate all the individual data contributors tied to a specific research article as it goes through the publishing process. This can introduceRead More

Proactive Solicitation of ORCID iDs to Increase Adoption within Scholarly Publishing

ORCID is an independent, not-for-profit organization that issues unique digital identifiers for scholarly researchers. Successfully adopted by research funders, research institutions, publishers, and other scholarly organizations and systems, ORCID has partnered with Aries to integrate ORCID validation within Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM). Capturing users’ ORCID iDs within EM and PM offers manyRead More

Crediting Reviewers with Peer Review Recognition Services in EM

Recognizing Reviewers for their work is critical to the success of peer review and maintaining Reviewer talent. Each year, millions of hours are volunteered by researchers to conduct reviews for scholarly journals and pending manuscripts, often without formal acknowledgement for their time and effort. To bridge this gap, Aries Systems has partnered with several ReviewerRead More

Author and Reviewer Verification in EM with Identity Confidence Check

The publishing community occasionally suffers from cases of questionable authorship and fraudulent peer review, clouding the quality of research. To help prevent this, Editorial Manager® (EM) comes equipped with Identity Confidence Check, a tool that helps Editors evaluate unknown researchers. Identity Confidence Check (ICC) enables Editorial Manager to generate a confidence rating for corresponding andRead More

Q&A with PLOS: Implementing ORCID Reviewer Recognition

Aries and ORCID have partnered to integrate an ORCID Reviewer Recognition option within Editorial Manager. Via automatic deposit of peer review activity to a researcher’s ORCID record, this solution offers a visible and verifiable way for Reviewers to be publicly acknowledged for their volunteered contributions without compromising the confidentiality of the peer review process. KatRead More

Peer Review Week 2019: How Aries Supports Quality in Peer Review

Aries Systems is celebrating the 5th year anniversary of Peer Review Week! As the developer of Editorial Manager®, the world’s leading manuscript submission and peer review tracking system, you could say Aries is all about peer review! In honor of this year’s theme, “Quality in Peer Review,” we’ve outlined some of the different ways AriesRead More

Free Webinar – Improving the Peer Review Process: Editor & Reviewer Support Tools

In honor of Peer Review Week 2019 next week, Aries Systems is hosting a free online webinar Improving the Peer Review Process: Editor & Reviewer Support Tools. This webinar will highlight innovative functionality available in Editorial Manager® that help streamline the overall peer review process and improve the relationship publishers have with their Reviewers. TheRead More

Instructions for Reviewers: Using ORCID Peer Review Deposit to Gain Credit for Completed Reviews

Researchers volunteer millions of hours to conduct reviews for scholarly journals each year. ORCID Reviewer Recognition offers a chance for Reviewers to be acknowledged for their contributions. The ORCID integration in Editorial Manager provides a visible and verifiable way for journals to publicly credit Reviewers for their work, without compromising the confidentiality of the peerRead More

More Submission Options for Authors with Ingest Service

Authors often take advantage of various tools to prepare their manuscript and supplemental files prior to submission to a scholarly journal. Such manuscript preparation services include language polishing, journal selection assistance, bibliography management, and collaborative authoring solutions – all providing great benefits to Authors. For example, a newly released report from Editage, an Aries partner,Read More