Proactive Solicitation of ORCID iDs to Increase Adoption within Scholarly Publishing

ORCID is an independent, not-for-profit organization that issues unique digital identifiers for scholarly researchers. Successfully adopted by research funders, research institutions, publishers, and other scholarly organizations and systems, ORCID has partnered with Aries to integrate ORCID validation within Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM). Capturing users’ ORCID iDs within EM and PM offers many workflow advantages, including more accurate metadata for funding information and other uses, streamlined login with ORCID Single Sign-On, Reviewer recognition and Author attribution, and more!

Although users can connect their ORCID record to their EM/PM account from the Update My Information Page at any time, Editorial Manager offers multiple methods for publishers to proactively (and conveniently!) solicit ORCID iDs from users, including:

  • Prompting users to register to the journal’s EM site with their ORCID credentials
  • Making ORCID authentication optional or required for Authors during submission
  • Requesting ORCID authentication from Co-Authors as they verify their participation in the manuscript’s authorship
  • Inserting ORCID authentication deep link within ad hoc or batch email letters to Authors, Editors, Reviewers, and other editorial staff

To learn more about these options and how they are configured within EM/PM, watch the tutorial video below. For support, please contact your Aries Account Coordinator.