Aries Systems’ Editorial Manager the Latest Inducted into ORCID’s Certified Service Provider Program

ORCID – the Open Research and Contributor ID – enables transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributors, and their affiliations by providing a unique, persistent digital identifier and a corresponding record for individuals to use as they engage in research, scholarship, and innovation. After over a decade, Aries Systems’ long-standing partnership with ORCID has reached new heights as the latest organization added to ORCID’s Certified Service Provider (CSP) program! As a free service offered by ORCID, official certification aims to increase the visibility and trustworthiness of services and products integrated with ORCID. Aries has passed ORCID’s new CSP best practices and criteria defined for the Manuscript Submission Systems category, strengthening the existing integration of ORCID and Editorial Manager® (EM).

The integration of ORCID collection and validation within Editorial Manager enables a series of benefits for publishers, Authors, Editors, and Reviewers. EM users can connect their ORCID record to their EM/PM account from the Update My Information page at any time, but EM also offers publishers several configurable options to proactively solicit ORCID iDs from users – such as during registration, Author submission, co-Author verification, and through other ad hoc letters. The ORCID/EM integration offers several workflow advantages, such as supporting more accurate metadata for funding information and other users, user single sign-on, Reviewer recognition, and Author attribution.

To facilitate recognition, Reviewers are invited to connect their ORCID (if not done so already) and authorize a transcript of their activity to their ORCID record once they completed submitting their review in EM. Through the ORCID API, peer review activity in EM can be deposited to researcher’s ORCID records via an automated report. This provides a visible and verifiable means to publicly credit Reviewers for their contributions. Additionally, the ORCID integration enables a single sign-on (SSO) option for EM to streamline the login process for users! Once their ORCID is connected to their EM account, users can leverage their ORCID credentials for login rather than their traditional EM username and password. This feature, which must be activated by the journal, is designed to ease the burden of managing multiple sets of login credentials across affiliated publications. Most recently, Aries Systems is collaborating with ORCID to participate in their pilot program dedicated to improving Editor/Reviewer visibility and access to ORCID trust markers from within EM to help support integrity.

For more information on how the ORCID/EM integration can benefit editorial workflows, check out our helpful tutorial videos or contact your Aries Account Coordinator.