Author and Reviewer Verification in EM with Identity Confidence Check

The publishing community occasionally suffers from cases of questionable authorship and fraudulent peer review, clouding the quality of research. To help prevent this, Editorial Manager® (EM) comes equipped with Identity Confidence Check, a tool that helps Editors evaluate unknown researchers.

Identity Confidence Check (ICC) enables Editorial Manager to generate a confidence rating for corresponding and contributing Authors and suggested Reviewers. The score is based on several sets of data within EM, ORCID individual iDs, Ringgold institutional iDs, country selections, email verifications, and other sources. The ICC indicator displays next to the Author or Reviewer names within EM, similar to flags, with one of these five icons:

ICC saves journal office staff the tedious task of manually researching individuals while helping safeguard publications against fraudulent activity. Confidence score calculations are highly configurable and transparent. The ICC rating can be automatically triggered by the following workflow occurrences within EM:

  • New or revised submission received by publication
  • Author, Editor or Publisher edits the submission metadata
  • Co-Author information is updated
  • Co-Author confirms authorship (Co-Author Verification)
  • Submission transferred in from another publication
  • On the fly – Authorized Editor can initiate the ICC manually

For more information, watch the overview video below or contact your Aries Account Coordinator.