Aries Commemorates 200 Journals using Editorial Manager in Japan through ATLAS

Aries’ Japanese distribution partner, ATLAS Co. Ltd., is pleased to announce the adoption of Editorial Manager® for 200 journal sites to date. Journals who have recently signed on to adopt EM as their manuscript submission and peer review tracking system include Science and Technology of Energetic Materials, International Journal of Surgical Wound Care and Journal of Prosthodontic Research. These newly contracted journals just launched their EM sites within the last few months.

Since 2009, Aries’ partnership with ATLAS has facilitated the support of Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager® in Japan. As a scholarly publishing technology leader based in Tokyo, ATLAS allows for EM and PM to be available to the ever-growing Japanese publishing market, aligning with Aries’ mission to enhance the dissemination of knowledge on a global scale.

ATLAS Representative Executive Officer and President Kazuhiro Nakai commented on this milestone, “We are very happy that the adoption of Editorial Manager has reached 200 journals in Japan. We started our partnership with Aries back in 2009 and we could not achieve this number without the strong bond we have with Aries. ATLAS is now aiming for 1000 journals using EM to contribute to the development of scholarly publishing industry.”