iThenticate Version 2: Upgrade to Enhance Similarity Check Plagiarism Detection!

Ensuring the authenticity of submitted scholarly content is crucial for publications looking to maintain research integrity. To support this, Aries Systems has partnered with Crossref to integrate Similarity Check, a plagiarism detection tool, within Editorial Manager® (EM). Powered by iThenticate, Similarity Check automatically compares text from submitted manuscripts to information across 99.3 billion internet webpages and content from more than 200 million published works – including academic articles, books, conference proceedings, open access articles, preprints, and more. To take advantage of this service, publishers/journals must first have a membership with Crossref.

Aries Systems is pleased to announce that a newly improved version of iThenticate is now available for Similarly Check subscribers using Editorial Manager!

When executed against recently submitted manuscripts, iThenticate generates a similarity score linked to a detailed report that can be made accessible to Editors and Authors with appropriate role permissions within EM. Publications can configure Similarity Check to automatically trigger at various workflow points – during initial submission, first revision, and/or once final disposition is set to Accept. Version 2 of iThenticate offers several enhancements to the Similarity Check service:

  • A “red flag” feature that signals the detection of hidden text such as text/quotation marks in white font, or suspicious character replacement
  • The ability to identify content on preprint servers more easily
  • A faster, more user-friendly and responsive Similarity Report interface

Crossref will be contacting subscribers to share detailed steps required to upgrade to iThenticate version 2 in the coming weeks. Once upgraded, publications can link their upgraded iThenticate account within Editorial Manager to enable these enhancements! Similarity Check fees from Crossref will remain unchanged as EM customers upgrade from v1 to v2 of iThenticate.

As one of the many helpful manuscript analysis tools available within the Aries ecosystem, Similarity Check is a powerful Editor support service that can streamline editorial workflow and improve scholarly output. For support in setting up version 2 of iThenticate, please contact your Crossref representative, their support team at, and your dedicated Aries Account Coordinator.