Postcard from EEMUG 2016: Locate the treasure!

We asked about 90 of our customers– the 2016 European Editorial Manager User Group– to help us locate the “treasure” in Editorial Manager. You might be wondering what on earth that means.

Each year at both US and UK user group meetings, the Feature Workshop session empowers users to share their workflow wishes with Aries staff. Returning attendees often arrive prepared with lists of features and extended functionality that they’ve been dreaming about. They discuss among peer groups, with an Aries group leader, who then, in the Feature Presentations session, presents the top ‘wish list’ items identified by the group. This means that all attendees contribute feedback toward future releases.

This year, UK colleauges voted on which of the US group’s wish list items they would most like to see developed and included in a future release. They did this via a fun, interactive treasure map poster. This is what we mean by “Help us locate the treasure!” in Editorial Manager. Take a look.


P.S. US User Community, you will have the opportunity to ‘vote’ on the wish list features your UK colleauges presented in their Feature Presentations!