Preventing Manuscript Redundancy in EM with Duplicate Submission Check

Journal offices often experience confusing and frustrating delays due to Authors intentionally or accidentally resubmitting the same manuscript to the journal after it has previously been rejected. To help address this issue, Editorial Manager® comes equipped with an automated Duplicate Submission Check tool.

Duplicate Submission Check leverages journal data to determine if a recently submitted manuscript is identical, or very similar to, a pre-existing manuscript within the system. Once this tool is configured within EM, it will appear as an action link in the New Submissions folder along with a corresponding similarity percentage indicator, which allows Editors to quickly identify potential duplicates. The Duplicate Submission Check tool automatically analyzes the submitted manuscript and produces a report that displays similarity scores for the Author name, Article Title, and Article Abstract and lists potential “matches” to existing manuscripts in the archives. For journals that collaborate or are affiliated with other publications, Duplicate Submission Check can also alert Editors of potential manuscript duplications from sister journals.

Once Editors have completed investigations into any potential manuscript matches, they can opt to remove the submission, send it back to the Author for clarification, or proceed with the editorial process by moving on to Editor assignment. This powerful tool saves journal offices time by automating the duplication inspection process by surfacing key indicators and supporting reports designed to eliminate repeated manuscripts. To get a glimpse of an example of how this tool can be used in the system, watch the video below.

For assistance enabling this feature in EM, contact your designated Aries Account Coordinator.