The Aries Ecosystem: Connecting Publishers with the Right Technology

Editorial offices face many challenges, including managing an increase in submission volume beyond their capacity, locating qualified researchers for peer review, maximizing reach and impact of published works on a global scale, making data more accessible, implementing various business models (such as Open Access (OA)), ensuring accuracy and reproducibility of metadata and research, and more. These can introduce a series of risks for publishers and other key stakeholders, including decreased quality, increased costs, and delays to publication.

Publishers are typically left with two options to solve these pain points. They can independently and proactively explore, vet, and adopt existing external services designed to address these challenges, or they can build their own system of in-house solutions. Both approaches can become an expensive and time-consuming process and often limit interoperability between systems for a disrupted workflow and poor user experience. To deliver a more practical solution for publishers, Aries Systems has built an ecosystem of best-in-class tools and services designed to enhance editorial and production workflows – connected all in one place. The robust, centralized ecosystem allows publishers to solve for various workflow/quality gaps and address new initiatives without the additional investment of building their own integrated web of tools.

Comprised of both Aries and third-party technology that seamlessly plug into our workflow management solutions Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM), the Aries ecosystem serves as a convenient network of features, purposefully categorized under seven branches to solve for various workflow needs:

  • Centralized repositories to easily store, site, and share/distribute pre- and post-publication data and content
  • Fee processing services to calculate, collect, and manage standard or ad hoc publication charges, such as open access APCs
  • Manuscript evaluation tools to help improve the quality of scholarly content and support initial triage
  • Reporting and tracking tools for efficient data, content, and task management to allow seamless notices and strategic editorial decisions
  • Reviewer candidate identification, screening, and recognition services to boost Reviewer invitation and engagement
  • XML workflow features to streamline the submission, editing, and formatting of structured content
  • Industry standard identifiers for people, institutions, funders, and more for accurate metadata

As a trusted partner, Aries recognizes that collaboration is critical to the advancement of scholarly research and the successful dissemination of knowledge. We form strategic partnerships with industry organizations to support relevant societies and initiatives, strengthen ties to our user community, and enrich our offerings. The Aries Ecosystem, one of the two main channels within the Aries Partner Program, is continually expanding and evolving through in-house innovations and strategic collaborations to meet the needs of our user community and the ever-evolving scholarly publishing landscape.

Users can easily explore branches of the ecosystem to access helpful resources and learn more about how each feature can streamline their workflow and improve research output. Leveraging these integrated solutions help push the boundaries of what technology can enable to empower content creators to publish faster and smarter.

To learn more about the Aries Ecosystem or take advantage of the diverse applications offered for your EM/PM sites, contact your Aries Account Coordinator or visit  Potential partners interested in integrating their innovation with EM/PM as part of our ecosystem should contact the Aries Partner team.