End-to-End Solution: Bridging Editorial and Production Workflows

As publishing workflows become increasingly complex to keep pace with various publication formats, leading business models, and internationalization, it is even more critical to maintain efficient, yet flexible operations.  Publishers often shuffle content, data, and communications between key stakeholders across incompatible and disparate systems. These gaps can lead to confusion, loss of data, increased costs, delays to publication, diminished quality, and decreased satisfaction for Authors, Editors, Reviewers, and vendors. To limit these risks and streamline processes, Aries Systems delivers innovative workflow management solutions designed to bridge the gap between editorial and production stages of publishing.

Editorial Manager® (EM), the leading manuscript submission and peer review tracking system, and ProduXion Manager® (PM), the issue- and article-based production tracking system, are trusted by thousands of publications worldwide across hundreds of multinational publishers, societies, and other organizations. As role-structured, highly configurable systems, EM and PM empower each publication to independently customize their workflows to their unique policies and preferences at no additional cost. Both systems come equipped with advanced reporting suites to inform data-driven decision making and connect with many in-house and third-party tools and services through the Aries ecosystem to enhance workflows.

In addition to operating as independent platforms, EM and PM can be paired together to achieve a true end-to-end publishing workflow from submission to publication and beyond. Following peer review and manuscript acceptance in Editorial Manager, metadata and files can be automatically transferred to ProduXion Manager once production is initiated. With a seamless connection of upstream and downstream operations, publishers and users can enjoy an uninterrupted, single-stream workflow experience.

To learn more about how Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager can be leveraged for an end-to-end workflow without traditional silos, contact your Aries Account Coordinator or request a free demonstration.