Two helpful features included in version 14.0

Editorial offices, take notice! Editorial Manager, version 14.0 includes a couple of especially exciting features that will help journals guide editors to work more efficiently in the system.

Editor Signposting

Version 14.0 gives editorial offices the ability to present their editors with helpful ‘traffic light’ signposting within the editor main menu. Putting control over the definitions of urgency into the editorial office’s hands will undoubtedly help editors prioritize their time within the system.

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Helping Editors with Signposting

Enhanced Automated Editor Summary Reminders

Sending editors helpful reminders that help them to prioritize may not be new, but the ability to include the same helpful ‘traffic light’ color coding to visually communicate priority rolls out in 14.0.

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Helping Editors with Enhanced Automated Summary Reminder Emails

Version 14.0 will begin rolling out to users this summer, but those eager to get early access can still join beta testing. Contact your account coordinator today for more details.