Q: I can’t see any difference between competing manuscript submission systems. Aren’t they all the same?

A: There are substantial differences between Editorial Manager and other manuscript tracking systems. Most of these differences become apparent upon closer inspection and evaluation against real-world needs. When you evaluate systems, you should consider:

  • Reliability. Do system users frequently encounter technical problems or lengthy periods of downtime? EM averages less than 3 minutes of unscheduled downtime per month.
  • Flexibility. Is it expensive and difficult to change your workflow (e.g. add new user roles, add reviewer questions to forms, etc.)? EM features hundreds configuration options that you can change instantaneously for no extra charge.
  • Upgrades. How much time and money do upgrades cost, and how often are they offered? EM offers two upgrades per year, with minimal disruption and no extra charge.
  • Functionality. Does the system really do everything you need? Review our functionality checklists.

To help you with your assessment, we can arrange both an interactive demo, as well as a live site that you can test.