Q: How does Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager differ from other publishing workflow management systems?

A: Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager are the leading workflow management solutions for manuscript submission, peer review, and production tracking – trusted by thousands of publications worldwide. Key differentiators in comparison to other available workflow tracking systems include:

  • Flexibility: EM and PM’s configuration settings empower publications to uniquely customize their workflows to meet their specific needs and business policies. Changes can be made independently at any time, often at no additional cost. Other systems often require system changes to be made by the developer, incurring additional fees and causing delays.
  • Role-Based System: EM and PM are comprised of a role-based system structure for Authors, Editors, Reviewers, publishers, and other third party vendors. Roles can be configured for specific access, visibility, and action permissions. Users can easily toggle between roles if they can assume more than one within the same publication account.
  • Ecosystem of Tools: Aries expands their suite of helpful EM/PM features by integrating with industry third-party, value-add tools and services that enhance workflow for Authors, Editors, and Reviewers.

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