Adopting Editorial Manager

Q: What are the technical requirements for running Editorial Manager?

A: All you really need to access Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager is a current web browser, a decent internet connection, and a PDF reader. Here is more detailed platform information: EM PM System Requirements Minimum Specifications for Workstations Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computer: Mozilla Firefox – latest version Google Chrome – latest version SafariRead More

Q: I can’t see any difference between competing manuscript submission systems. Aren’t they all the same?

A: There are substantial differences between Editorial Manager and other manuscript tracking systems. Most of these differences become apparent upon closer inspection and evaluation against real-world needs. When you evaluate systems, you should consider: Reliability. Do system users frequently encounter technical problems or lengthy periods of downtime? EM averages less than 3 minutes of unscheduledRead More

Q: Won’t it be cheaper in the long run for us to develop our own in-house manuscript tracking system?

A: Because Editorial Manager is a commercial manuscript submission and tracking system, our users benefit from enhancements that are funded by a large customer base. It would cost millions of dollars to develop and maintain a system equal to Editorial Manager, and to remain in compliance with emerging standards such as ORCID, FundRef, Ringgold, JATSRead More

Q: How secure is Editorial Manager?

A: Deployment access is offered through secure HTTP [HTTPS], and all user interactions require password access. Individual journals use separate databases, effectively “firewalling” one journal from all others. Within individual systems, unlimited role designation/permission ensures that users can access only the files and information appropriate to their role. Aries is committed to compliance with internationalRead More

Q: How can I trust that Editorial Manager will be around in the future?

A: Editorial Manager is developed and maintained by Aries Systems, a multi-million dollar company that has been delivering technology solutions to the STM publishing community since 1986. Aries has been continuously profitable since 1989. Aries’ staff is experienced in editorial and other journal operations, online systems, software engineering, and web development and hosting. Editorial ManagerRead More

Q: I currently use paper / email submissions. What will I have to do to make the transition to Editorial Manager?

A: Most of the journals that use Editorial Manager started where you are, so Aries’ Client Services staff has plenty of experience helping journals make this transition as easily as possible. The implementation and training process usually takes a few weeks, during which Aries will assist with: Configuring the system to your specific needs PreparingRead More

Q: I currently use a different online manuscript tracking system. What will I have to do to make the transition to Editorial Manager?

A: Aries has plenty of experience helping journals transition from other systems. We offer a migration package that includes: tools for migrating your data, change management protocols and project management. Often, transitioning to Editorial Manager is easier than you think! If you switch to Editorial Manager from another system, you will have to do aRead More

Q: Will I be able to transfer my data to Editorial Manager from a legacy system?

A: Yes, Editorial Manager supports several different levels of data import from legacy systems. Some journals choose just to import “people” information from a legacy system, but the Editorial Manager Data Bridge also supports rapid and comprehensive transfer of manuscript data. The Data Bridge is a convenient, seamless solution for importing historical manuscript and peopleRead More