Technical Requirements

Q: What are the technical requirements for running Editorial Manager?

A: All you really need to access Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager is a current web browser, a decent internet connection, and a PDF reader. Here is more detailed platform information: EM PM System Requirements Minimum Specifications for Workstations Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computer: Mozilla Firefox – latest version Google Chrome – latest version SafariRead More

Q: What file formats are accepted by Editorial Manager?

A: EM accepts all file formats, including video and audio files. The following file formats are automatically converted into a single PDF for easy processing: Word, RTF, TXT, LaTeX2e, AMSTex, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, EPS, Postscript, PICT, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint. EM supports direct submission from the arXiv ( preprint database. EM supports the upload ofRead More