Access and Support

Q: Why do users need to create an account for each publication using Editorial Manager?

A: Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager are used by thousands of scholarly publications worldwide. As each Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager site operates as a unique database, users must create a separate account for each publication. Users may take advantage of the ORCID Single Sign-On option (if enabled by the journal) to alleviate the need to manageRead More

Q: What are the technical requirements for running Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager?

A: All users need to access Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager is a current web browser with internet connection and a PDF reader. Here is more detailed platform information:   MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS FOR WORKSTATIONS Windows, Macintosh, or Linux Computer: Mozilla Firefox – latest version Google Chrome – latest version Safari – latest version (Mac only)Read More

Q: Who should EM/PM users contact for support?

A: Publishers and editorial staff using Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager should direct all support queries to their dedicated Aries Account Coordinator (AC). Author and Reviewers should direct queries regarding their manuscript, review assignment, or journal workflow policies to the publication in question as all data and rules are controlled and managed by the respectiveRead More

Q: How secure is Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager?

A: Deployment access is offered through secure HTTPS, and all user interactions require password access. Individual journals use separate databases, effectively “firewalling” one journal from all others. Within individual systems, unlimited role designation/permission ensures that users can access only the files and information appropriate to their role. Aries is committed to compliance with international standards,Read More

Q: Are publishers able to transfer data to Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager from a legacy system?

A: Yes, Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager support several different levels of data import from legacy systems. Data Bridge is a convenient, seamless solution for importing historical manuscript and people data from legacy online or desktop manuscript tracking systems. With journal-customizable fields, import utilities, migration protocols and powerful search capabilities, the Data Bridge makes all of your dataRead More