Q: What are the technical requirements for running Editorial Manager?

A: All you really need to access Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager is a current web browser, a decent internet connection, and a PDF reader.

Here is more detailed platform information:

EM PM System Requirements
Minimum Specifications for Workstations

Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computer:

  • Mozilla Firefox – latest version
  • Google Chrome – latest version
  • Safari – latest version (Mac only)
  • Email software
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 and later
Internet Connection
Editorial Office and Editors

Effective use of Editorial Manager in the Editorial Office requires a connection between each workstation and the Internet with a bandwidth of at least 1 megabit/second. While EM will technically run with lower speed connections, we believe that the resulting reduced efficiency will make the use and performance of Editorial Manager unacceptable to the Editorial Office. Accordingly, we strongly encourage the Editorial Office to assure Internet connectivity through one of the options listed below (other options should also be acceptable, provided that they satisfy the performance requirements):

  • Minimum upstream (transmission) and downstream (reception) speeds of 1 megabit/second per active user
  • Permanent (i.e., full-time) ISDN, DSL or cable modem connection
  • Institutional Ethernet LAN connection with 10 megabit/second bandwidth
  • Appropriate ISP or domain server services (please consult with your IT staff)
  • Commercial-grade e-mail service that permits document attachments to e-mail