Preprint Manager Journal Workflow Product Enables Instant Publication of Accepted Manuscripts to the Web

September 15, 2003, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation, a leading technology supplier to the scientific publishing community, is pleased to announce the release of Preprint Manager, an online workflow tool enabling faster and more cost-effective dissemination of peer reviewed manuscripts on the Web.

Editorial Manager Adheres to Unicode Standard to Provide Content Integrity and Interoperability

May 1, 2003, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation today reaffirmed its commitment to the ISO Unicode standard in its online manuscript tracking system, Editorial Manager. “I’m pleased to see that the standards continue to be immediately relevant to solving practical problems in technology and commerce. I’m glad to see that Editorial Manager is adopting such standards” said Martin S. O’Neill, Managing Editor, International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

Proposed XML-based Standard to Allow Journals and Publishers to Exchange In-Process Manuscripts Between Different Online Submission and Tracking Systems

November 25, 2002, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation today announced the launch of an initiative to formulate a publishing industry standard that would allow the exchange of scientific manuscripts between differing online manuscript tracking systems.

In the past two years, Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) journals have identified that the Internet provides an excellent medium for the submission and tracking of scientific manuscripts. While some large societies have developed in-house systems, many journals have also adopted solutions sold by commercial vendors.

Third Major Release of Editorial Manager Further Enhances Editorial Office Workflow Efficiency

November 1, 2002, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation today announced the latest release of Editorial Manager for online manuscript submission and tracking.

The rapidly maturing market sector for online manuscript submission software was recently identified as publishing’s next “killer application” by the New York Times. Authors, reviewers and editors have latched on to the idea that the Internet provides a speedier and more efficient medium for conducting peer review, and are bombarding their publishers with ever-increasing demands.

More than Fifty STM Journals Now Deploying Editorial Manager

May 25, 2002, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation today announced that more than 50 STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) journals have chosen Aries’ Editorial Manager for Web-based manuscript submission and tracking. The journals are published by leading commercial organizations such as Elsevier Science and Kluwer Academic Press, as well as individual professional societies.