LiXuid Manuscript: Direct Content Editing

LiXuid Manuscript’s production suite of tools includes a dynamic content editing tool that enables direct revisions and proofing all in one place, allowing for tighter collaboration, quality control, expenses, and time to publication.

The Aries Ecosystem

Comprised of both Aries and third-party technology that plug into Editorial Manager® and ProduXion Manager®, the Aries ecosystem connects users with best-in-class tools and services – all in one place.

ORCID Reviewer Recognition

Journals can conveniently acknowledge Reviewers for their peer review contributions by depositing review activity from EM into a researcher’s ORCID record.

Transferring Manuscripts from Preprint Servers into EM

After submitting their manuscript online to a preprint server, Authors often want to submit their manuscript to journal offices for formal peer review and publication. Scholarly journals can ingest manuscripts posted to preprint servers into Editorial Manager.

Customizing Content for Author Services

EM’s extensive configuration options allow publications to use to customize content for an improved Author experience. This includes messages, reminders, instructions on third party Author services, email letters, etc.