5 Ways Aries’ Client Services Team Goes Above and Beyond

Aries is committed to providing high-quality service to our user community. The Aries Client Services team delivers best-in-class support to publishers before, during and after launching their Editorial Manager® or ProduXion Manager® deployments. Whether you have just migrated from a legacy system to EM or are an EM/PM super-user, our dedicated team of experts is here to serve you.

Here’s how the Aries Client Services (CS) team exceeds the expectations of our customers:


Dedicated Account Coordinator

Aries offers personalized experiences rather than directing you to an anonymous help desk or jammed call center. Each publication is assigned a dedicated Account Coordinator (AC) from the Aries Client Services team that are personally matched with customers to best fit the needs of their account. Account Coordinators are experts on each publication’s unique workflow needs, allowing them to optimize their EM/PM  deployments by customizing configuration settings and tailoring ongoing training and support.

Versatile Team on a Global Scale

The Aries Client Services team consists of a strong group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, each offering their own expertise and perspective. Our Client Services department values teamwork, resulting in camaraderie-culture and constant support for one another with customer queries and learning new system functionality. Aries is a global organization operating from multiple locations across the world.  We have Account Managers, Coordinators and Specialists based in the United States, the UK, and Germany, as well as Japan through our partners at Atlas Corporation. Our global presence ensures our team is available to provide the help you need, when you need it.

Efficient Troubleshooting & Query Tracking

The Aries Client Services team is equipped to identify, escalate, and resolve issues quickly to keep sites running smoothly. All customer queries are tracked using NetSuite, which allows ACs to quickly log, surface, track, and update the status of any open client queries. The CS team can communicate client needs and concerns to other internal teams including Aries Product Management, Engineering, and QA as needed. NetSuite’s reporting module allows Aries to identify query trends and measure query resolution lead times to drive continuous improvement of our product and support processes.

Experts in Migration Management

Migrating from one peer review or production system to another can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Aries is a workflow solution partner and provider with extensive experience and a proven track record of seamless migrations. The Aries Client Services team are experts in migration management, facilitating the scheduling and implementation of smooth data transfer between systems. Our Client Services team has helped more than 7000 publications successfully migrate to Editorial Manager.

Thorough Onboarding & Continuous Training

Our Account Coordinators will partner with you early-on to identify your objectives, dive deep into your publication’s processes and assess your overall needs. Aries AC’s work diligently to set up sites to meet your publication’s specific workflow needs and provide thorough pre-launch and post-launch training to help users understand and navigate the system. At Aries, training doesn’t stop at onboarding. We offer continuous training opportunities on request whether it be a refresher course or training for new members of publication office staff. In addition to consulting with clients in-person at Aries’ biannual user group meetings in Boston, MA USA and London, UK, the Aries Client Services team also hosts two free training webinars a year to walk through newly released system features and functionality.


At Aries, our customers are our focus. Our team of dedicated experts holds themselves to a standard of excellence by listening to customers, taking advantage of data and technology available, and working to create a seamless experience that provides exceptional service and support.