Everything users need to know about version 12.1

Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users have recently, or will soon, upgrade to version 12.1. Here’s a list of what’s included in the release, and more importantly, how your workflows will benefit.

v12.11) Have top-siding editors who are involved in making final decisions, but not so interested in being involved in the earlier stage assignment workflows? Of course! Now, Editorial Manager is able to accommodate this hierarchy. System Administrators can set the specific order of editors that the paper will need to move through, meaning that an Editor-In-Chief can make a final decision, but doesn’t need to be part of early-stage triage. The best part: set up the entire flow in just one step.

2) Love people notes? Wish for data on note entry details such as who enters a specific note, and when? This wish is granted in 12.1 — this detail can be made available to those with permissions to view it. Yes, it is possible to share and edit people notes, including across journals for multi-journal publishers.LetterTemplateInfographic

3) For publishers of multiple journals, updating letter templates across all journal sites can be tedious. Make that “was tedious.” Upon upgrade to 12.1, publishers can configure master letter templates that are edited and shared across all journals in the portfolio. While this is a major win, what’s even better is that the ‘local’ or individual journal sites can still make letter template edits, too.

4) Reviewers are generous enough with their time! Editorial Manager seeks to make their work simple and convenient wherever possible. How about here? Reviewers will be able to accept an assignment and open the article PDF in one click. That one click is a deep link that comes from a merge field that can be included in the invitation.

5) Thirsty for more? Go ahead, check out the full release notes, or the digest. And do let us know what you think! Contact us the old-fashioned way, or tweet us, if that’s what you’re in to!