Guiding Authors: Manuscript Status Check

Editorial Manager® (EM) grants journal offices the option to provide Authors configurable levels of visibility into the status of their pending manuscripts during the editorial workflow. Publications may customize status terms based on their unique business policies and preferences, and can also opt to display alternative status terms to the Author than those that are used internally by editorial staff.

Authors can easily check the status of their submitted manuscripts at any time via the Author dashboard in EM, which indicates the latest status term and status date. Authors can access prior correspondence for their manuscript and choose to contact the journal directly in the event they wish to request an extension on a deadline for assigned revisions. Depending on system permissions, Authors may also be allowed to view if corresponding Authors have confirmed their participation in the manuscript, and can subsequently re-send the co-Author verification letter, if desired.

EM’s configurability and convenient dashboards allow for increased editorial transparency and improved Author experience. Contact your dedicated Aries Account Coordinator with questions.