Q: Is Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager GDPR compliant?

A: Under GDPR, users must be promptly notified of any data breach. In the event of a detected personal data breach in Editorial Manager, Aries’ Client Services team will notify publishers without undue delay. Publishers are responsible for notifying affected users and the appropriate supervisory authorities.

Q: How often do Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager get upgraded?

A: Aries Systems adheres to an agile development and CI/CD release model, following a monthly software release schedule. This allows Aries to both deliver system enhancements and respond to market feedback at a faster rate to support our user community.

Q: Why should publishers choose Aries?

A: Aries Systems is a leading technology provider for the scholarly publishing community. Thousands of publications and other content creators trust our cloud-based workflow management solutions to streamline processes and handle data and communications. Here is what sets Aries Systems apart from the competition: Exclusive Focus on our Core Business: Aries Systems is uniquely positionedRead More

Q: How can users locate a particular journal site?

A: Users may search our comprehensive Journals List of active Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager sites to quickly access a particular publication.

Q: Why do users need to create an account for each publication using Editorial Manager?

A: Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager are used by thousands of scholarly publications worldwide. As each Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager site operates as a unique database, users must create a separate account for each publication. Users may take advantage of the ORCID Single Sign-On option (if enabled by the journal) to alleviate the need to manageRead More

Q: How can users access Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager?

A: First, visit the appropriate Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager site for the desired publication. To sign in, users must first register to that particular publication site if an account has not already created for them. Then, users can enter their username and password via the Login page to access their account at any time.Read More

Q: What are the technical requirements for running Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager?

A: All users need to access Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager is a current web browser with internet connection and a PDF reader. Here is more detailed platform information:   MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS FOR WORKSTATIONS Windows, Macintosh, or Linux Computer: Mozilla Firefox – latest version Google Chrome – latest version Safari – latest version (Mac only)Read More

Q: Who should EM/PM users contact for support?

A: Publishers and editorial staff using Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager should direct all support queries to their dedicated Aries Account Coordinator (AC). Author and Reviewers should direct queries regarding their manuscript, review assignment, or journal workflow policies to the publication in question as all data and rules are controlled and managed by the respectiveRead More

Q: How does Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager differ from other publishing workflow management systems?

A: Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager are the leading workflow management solutions for manuscript submission, peer review, and production tracking – trusted by thousands of publications worldwide. Key differentiators in comparison to other available workflow tracking systems include: Flexibility: EM and PM’s configuration settings empower publications to uniquely customize their workflows to meet their specific needsRead More

Q: How much does Editorial Manager and/or ProduXion Manger cost?

A: The cost of Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager depend on several factors, including the number of submissions processed annually or added features. For more information, please contact us.

Q: Who owns the content and data stored within the Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager system(s)?

A: The publishers’ license to Editorial Manager/ProduXion Manager states that all of the content in the system belongs to the publisher, not to Aries Systems. Each deployment also includes a Data Export feature that allows publishers to download their content in a standard format at any time.

Q: What does Aries Systems do to protect users from viruses?

A: Editorial Manager scans every file that is uploaded, changed, or accessed. Infected files are removed and quarantined, and the PDF version of the manuscript indicates that a file is missing due to virus detection. This page alerts Authors, Editors, and Reviewers that the submission is incomplete and a file may need to be resubmitted.