Find Reviewers using Scopus

Through the seamless EM and Find Reviewers using Scopus integration, leverage in-depth researcher insights to identify suitable Reviewers, ensuring a streamlined, impartial, and confident selection

The Aries Ecosystem

Comprised of both Aries and third-party technology that plug into Editorial Manager® and ProduXion Manager®, the Aries ecosystem connects users with best-in-class tools and services – all in one place.

Introduction to the NavBar

The user-friendly main navigation bar (“NavBar”) within Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager provides a simple and intuitive navigation experience for all users.

Personal Correspondence History

Personal Correspondence History in Editorial Manager allows Editors and journal staff to quickly access all emails related to a particular person directly from that individual’s people record.

Task Manager for Editorial Tasks

Editorial Manager’s Task Manager feature allows journal offices to assign and track important editorial tasks prior to production and at any time in the editorial workflow.

Identity Confidence Check

Identity Confidence Check (ICC) helps Editors evaluate unknown researchers by verifying Author and Reviewer identities, helping to safeguard against fraudulent peer review and questionable Authorship.

ORCID Reviewer Recognition

Journals can conveniently acknowledge Reviewers for their peer review contributions by depositing review activity from EM into a researcher’s ORCID record.

Submitting Reviews in Editorial Manager

Reviewers can easily submit their recommendation, ratings, and commentary on their assigned manuscript directly in EM via the journal’s custom Reviewer Form.