Free Webinar: Redefining the Article and Author Journey with ChronosHub

The scholarly publishing landscape is characterized by continuous innovation and progression to facilitate and enhance the dissemination of global research. In the early 2000s, the transition from physical, mail-based publishing operations to digital workflows through the introduction of email and online peer review systems revolutionized the industry. With increased adoption of hybrid and open access (OA) business routes from the traditional subscription model in recent years, workflows and stakeholder expectations continue to shift. As we look ahead, how can publishers and service providers not just prepare for the next era of change, but be at the forefront leading advancement? How can they set themselves and their Authors, Editors, and Reviewers up for success? Through discovery and analysis of the current lifecycle of a manuscript, the key stakeholders involved, and the impact at all stages, gaps and opportunities may be recognized for improvement and transformation.

These perspectives will be explored in ChronosHub’s upcoming webinar The Author Journey Redefined: Getting Today’s Article Workflow Ready for Tomorrow’s Authors on Thursday, June 8 at 3pm CEST (9am ET). Aries’ Director of Product Management, Kate Horgan, will be featured as a panelist alongside Michael Casp, Director of Business Development at J&J Editorial, and moderator Romy Beard, Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub. The panel will detail the typical stages of journal publishing from submission to publication, highlight key workflow changes in recent years in response to shifting trends and priorities, outline key roadblocks or pain points, and discuss potential solutions or areas of improvement to deliver an enhanced Author and article experience.

Aries Systems and ChronosHub recently expanded their partnership to offer publishers an end-to-end article processing charge (APC) management solution through an integration with Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) in support of OA workflows. ChronosHub’s APC billing and collection tool is offered through Aries’ ecosystem of diverse technologies to enable seamless connections to workflow-enhancing applications for publishers using EM/PM.

Registration for ChronosHub’s webinar is free of charge – sign up today!