Streamlined Editorial and Production Workflows with Batch Functions

At Aries Systems’ biannual user group meetings, Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) users suggest and vote for new features and system enhancements during our signature Feature Workshop and interactive Feature Poster. A common request received from users is to include more batch functionality within EM/PM, allowing publications to complete certain actions in bulk rather than individually. Batch functions can automate a lengthy manual process, streamlining workflow and saving Editors and journal office staff valuable time.

Users have spoken, and we’ve taken action! Learn more about some of the recently released batch functionality available in EM and PM:


Batch Editor Assignments

Historically, journal office staff were required to assign an Editor to each submission individually in Editorial Manager. Additionally, reassignment from Editor to Editor had to be performed manually, one paper at a time, when open assignments are left in progress upon the departure of an Editor. These time-consuming tasks could skew historical data in the system and result in frustrating delays. Now, Editors can be assigned across multiple submissions simultaneously, and open Editor assignments can be transferred or distributed among multiple new Editors in batches, with proper role permissions granted.

Batch Edit Article Type Configuration

A publication’s EM System Administrator often must edit existing Article Types in order to enable a new feature or to implement a recent policy change that affects the workflow of several Article Types. Adjustments to Article Type configuration settings can now be applied across multiple Article Types simultaneously when selected, rather than editing them one at a time as previously required.

Batch Task Assignments

EM’s Task Manager feature enables publications to assign and complete important editorial tasks in parallel and prior to production being initiated. Previously, publications using Task Manager had to assign an editorial task to one submission at a time. Now, batch assignment for multiple submissions to one task recipient is available for editorial tasks through the EM Task Manager feature. In addition, journals using ProduXion Manager can assign production tasks in batch, as well as assign tasks across multiple “sister” publications with PM’s Enterprise View feature.


Aries Systems will continue to explore the potential for additional batch functionality in EM and PM in the future to enhance workflows and user experience. For more information on batch functionality and configuration assistance, please contact your Aries Account Coordinator.