Workflow wishes

What’s on your 2016 Workflow Wishlist?

As you pin up your 2016 calendar in preparation for the year ahead, what workflow infrastructure innovations do you have in mind? Maybe some of the peer review enhancements below will support your strategies for success in 2016!

Version 12.2 Update: Top 5 Innovations

There’s a lot in store for Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users in 2016. But you’ve already heard about that. Here are the ‘don’t miss’ highlights included in version 12.2.

Big things in 2016: Learn about CCC’s RightFind

A new  year brings new opportunity. One such opportunity to explore in 2016 is the Copyright Clearance Center’s RightFind XML for Mining. RightFind is developed in partnership with dozens of leading STM publishers, and provides researchers with a single source to find and acquire normalized, XML-formatted full-text licensed content from multiple journals and publishers.

A Curated Tour: User Interface Improvements

Aries undertakes continuous curation of the Editorial Manager user interface (UI). As a result, users may have noticed a pattern of incremental improvements. In many cases, these changes are so intuitive and natural that you may not have even noticed them! Here  are 12 recent UI improvements  – which ones did you notice?