More Submission Options for Authors with Ingest Service

Authors use various tools to prepare their manuscript documents prior to submission. Such manuscript preparation services include language polishing, journal selection assistance, bibliography management, and collaborative authoring solutions. Services like these can provide great benefits to Authors.

For example, a newly released report from Editage, an Aries partner, reported that pre-submission language editing increased the chances of manuscript acceptance by 24%. As research becomes increasingly global, language editing services such as this are excellent tools for researchers whose native language is not English.1

Editage is one of several manuscript service providers Aries Systems has partnered with to allow Author metadata and files to be directly deposited into the Editorial Manager system. This integration, called the Editorial Manager Ingest Service, saves Authors time by offering a streamlined method of submission where Authors submit their manuscripts while remaining in the submission partner environment.

The EM Ingest service utilizes JATS XML to facilitate the ingest of files and metadata in a standardized format. ORCID identifiers can also be used to ensure that transferred submissions are accurately mapped to previous registration records.

In addition to Editage, other Aries manuscript preparation partners include Charlesworth Author Services, LetPub, Edanz, Overleaf, and more. Publishers can also use the Ingest Service to create branded Author submission portals, for a cohesive look and feel during submission.

“New Editage Report Shows That Pre-Submission Language Editing Can Improve Acceptance Rates of Manuscripts Written by Non-Native English-Speaking Researchers.” PR Newswire, 17 Apr. 2019,